TARI - Faroe Seaweed

Getting the most out of macroalgae

Skretting Aquaculture Research Centre

A global leader in aquaculture feeds

Prochaete and the Magic Worm

Polychaetes as a sustainabel feed source for aquaculture

What is the Blue Bioeconomy?

How do we both produce and profit from farming the land and the oceans? Watch the video!

Welcome to SUREAQUA!

IRIS and NordForsk have finalised the contract establishing SUREAQUA, a Nordic Centre of Excellence on the bioeconomy

The Faces of SUREAQUA - Fiona Provan and Elisa Ravagnan

Facilitating innovative and interdisciplinary collaboration in the Nordic bioeconomy.

The Faces of SUREAQUA - Bodil Larsen and Peter Skov

Theme 1 on Technology and Biorefinery will be led by Bodil Larsen along with Peter Skov, from the Danish Technical University-Aqua.

The Faces of SUREAQUA - Thierry Baussant

Theme 2 on Environmental Quality and Sustainability will be led by Thierry Baussant from the International Research Institute of Stavanger.

The Faces of SUREAQUA - Pirjo Honkanen

Theme 3 on Social and Economic Sustainability will be led byPirjo Honkanen from NOFIMA.

The Faces of SUREAQUA - Sam Dupont

Theme 4 on Governance and Communication will be led by Sam Dupont from the University of Gothenburg.

The Faces of SUREAQUA - Jenny Emnéus

In addition to her technical contributions, Dr. Emnéus from the Technical University of Denmark-Nanotech will be coordinating the educational aspect of SUREAQUA.


PhD Scholarship
Characterization and Extraction of Protein from Agro-industrial Sources for Fish Feed
Postdoctoral Research Fellow at the University of Exeter
Coastal Communities and Health in South East Asia
SUREAQUA as part of the Norwegian Government's Long-Term Plan for Research and Higher Education for 2019-2028.
Elisabeth Maråk Støle, CEO at SUREAQUA host, NORCE comments on the plan.
JPI Oceans: New ERA-NET Cofund on the Blue Bioeconomy
Expected launch December 2018
PhD position in fish nutrition at NMBU
Deadline: Thursday, June 21, 2018

the bioeconomy

How renewable biological resources convert into food, feed, bio-based commodities and bio-energy. 

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