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SUREAQUA is funded by NordForsk, and is one of three Nordic Centres of Excellence funded by NordForsk as part of the Nordic Bioeconomy Programme. It will run from 2017 to 2021. Each NCoE is being awarded 30 million NOK over a period of five years. The three Nordic Centres of Excellence to receive funding are: The Nordic region is unique in that it has a surplus of primary resources. Which will become an even more important asset in the future, as we migrate economic growth based on fossil fuels towards a sustainable and bio-based society.

The point of departure for this programme is water. Water is a fundamental part of the bioeconomy and bioproduction value chains, e.g. in transportation, primary plant production, industrial processes and for social well-being. The development of new knowledge is at the core of the Nordic Bioeconomy Programme. Basic building blocks for growing the bioeconomy are research, innovation and entrepreneurship, with active involvement from the private and public sectors, industry, consumers, end-users and others.          
Magnus Voll Mathiassen/NordForsk
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