Four Themes of SUREAQUA

The work within the SUREAQUA Centre will carried out in the context of four cross-cutting themes to ensure a comprehensive development of environmentally sustainable approaches and products that meet socioeconomic demands and responsibilities, and are supported by comprehensive market and regulatory environments. Although the themes highlight specific aspects of this work, there will naturally be areas where there is an overlap across themes as well.

Technology and biorefinery
Developing and benchmarking technology and biorefinery approaches, from proof of concept to market implementation.

Environmental quality and sustainability           
Assessing environmental sustainability of proposed solutions for transitioning to a bioeconomy, including novel approaches and technologies.

Social and economic sustainability
Assessing social and economic factors, bioeconomic models, and market acceptance of existing and novel aquatic production chains.

Governance and communication 
Fostering an integrated cross sectoral approach to facilitate efficient knowledge sharing, develop regulatory frameworks and incentive tools based in a comprehensive understanding of beliefs and attitudes towards aquatic production and its novel technologies.

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