ICES Annual Science Conference

24-27 September, 2018 in Hamburg
From biodiversity and genetics to spatial planning and aquaculture economics, the 18 theme sessions making up the programme at next year's Annual Science Conference (ASC) will showcase the latest cutting-edge science and research, with the conference keynotes also announced. This information comes shortly before the opening of the official Call for Papers in January.While all theme sessions cover significant science, several reflect key strategic areas for ICES. These include Theme​ Session D, The Nordic seas and the Arctic – climatic variability and its impact on marine ecosystems; fisheries and policymaking ; session O, Working toward an ecosystem approach to north Atlantic marine aquaculture; and session R, 'Towards a better understanding of human behaviour for improved fisheries science and management​'. Other key areas such as fisheries reference points, genetics and stock assessment, cumulative effects, and fishing's environmental impact are also on the agenda.​​

Three keynotes

Christian Möllman of the University of Hamburg and Martin Quaas of Kiel University will give the opening talk entitled 'Integrating ecological and economic perspectives on regime shifts in harvested marine ecosystems'. Other keynotes ​are Ingrid van Putten of Australia's CSIRO Oceans and Atmosphere, who will talk about 'Unexpected outcomes and unpredictable managers, fishers, and scientists', while Murray Roberts of the University of Edinburgh will give a presentation on 'Understanding deep-sea Atlantic ecosystems at ocean basin scale'.

The Call for Papers for the ASC 2018 in Hamburg will be issued in January.

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