Aquaculture Europe 2019

7-10 October, Berlin
Our Future - GROWING from WATER 

All life on earth emerged from water. The aquaculture sector nourishes and stimulates life in water in all its ways, and thereby holds the potential to overcome many of the challenges our society faces. The future of healthy and sustainably produced food and commodities lies in the diversity of aquaculture, from single-cell microalgae in bioreactors to fish teeming in sea pens or freshwater ponds.

Truly unlocking this potential requires innovative ways to support the aquaculture economy, generation of new business models and support of start-ups. We need to proactively work towards the demands of existing and new markets for all our products, seeking new alliances in international trade and consumer support. Meanwhile, the challenges of climate change and scarcity of natural resources are urgent and require our full attention in respect and appreciation of the ecosystems we work with.


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In addition to the thematic sessions, AE2019 also includes parallel and poster sessions. This is an initial list of sessions that will be open for online abstract submission. This list could be subject to change.