Exploring novel DNA-based autonomous platform for marine water monitoring: Opportunities for petroleum and aquaculture industry

Thierry Baussant
Why do we need to explore new means to monitor the environment?

Petroleum and aquaculture industries represent an important source of income for Norway. The
sustainability of these industries is dependent on several factors, including mitigating environmental footprint, to protect the environment and contribute to societal acceptance. Today, these industries are facing several environmental challenges. Oil and gas activities are moving to oceanic regions posing larger technical, logistical and environmental challenges, particularly related to the detection of accidental discharges in the Northern areas. The aquaculture industry is facing several environmental issues, including disease, salmon lice invasions, escape of farmed fsh and fsh welfare in close systems. Meeting these challenges require novel approaches and innovative means of collecting environmental data at the correct temporal and spatial scale. These challenges can be addressed by combining state-of-the art environmental genomic techniques and genosensors, like the ESP (Environmental Sampling Processor) for real-time monitoring.

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