Investigating requirements for social sustainability in the value chain for wild fish

Nofima and FAFO look into documenting social sustainability

From 2017, all British vessels that supply to the supermarket chain Marks & Spencer in the United Kingdom must be certified by the Responsible Fishing Scheme. Perhaps more players in the market will follow and require documentation of social sustainability? This is what researchers at Nofima and FAFO are about to find out.

“The Norwegian Seafood Research Fund (FHF) has been asked by the industry to identify standards for social sustainability and to evaluate whether customers in the seafood market require documentation of social sustainability . They also wish to investigate whether and how the Norwegian seafood industry can utilise good working conditions as a competitive advantage, and if this can be documented in Norwegian fisheries,” summarises Pirjo Honkanen at Nofima.

She is in charge of the Consumer and Marketing research Department and is also leading this project. The project commenced in December last year and will run until 15 May 2017.
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pirjo honkanen
Pirjo Honkanen
Research Director
Phone: +47 915 94 520