A big congratulations to Claudy D’Costa, from DTU Bioengineering, for completion of his PhD!

Continuous on-line non-invasive cortisol measurement in aquaculture
The first PhD thesis defence within SUREAQUA, Claudy’s work entitled “Continuous on-line non-invasive cortisol measurement in aquaculture” produced a smart sensor that measures cortisol, the stress hormone, for use within fin-fish aquaculture.

Like humans, fish can experience stress brought about by numerous stressors, i.e overcrowding and unsuited water conditions. Prolonged stress can have deteriorating effects on the animals and their production. This non-invasive sensor uses flow injector analysis to detect the stress hormone at concentrations as low as 20 ng/ml by sampling within the surrounding water column.

An innovative piece of technology, Claudy's work will be able to assist industry professionals in creating an optimal environment required to meet animal welfare needs and contribute toward sustainable development within the blue bioeconomy.

Check out this short video !

Congratulations Claudy!