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Transdisciplinary training and education for the future of biotechnology (ongoing)
About the Research School

The Digital Life Norway Research School (DLNRS) is part of the Centre for Digital Life Norway, a national centre for biotechnology, research, and innovation. The Centre and the Research School are results of the Research Council of Norway’s strategic priority: "Digital life - convergence of innovation".

Main objective
The main objective of Digital Life Norway is to develop new knowledge and new methods within digital biotechnology, addressing relevant societal challenges.

Digital biotechnology is the use of digital tools on biological datasets in order to extract and process information, with a diverse range of application areas such as systems biology, mathematical modelling and prediction of biological systems, bioinformatics on high throughput ‘omics’ data, physiological data from medical imaging technologies, sensor technologies, screening and bioprospecting, use of patient- or health-register data, and production data from e.g. biological pharmaceuticals, food, or fish farming. Developing digital biotechnology will be achieved through a transdisciplinary approach, including contributions from humanities and social sciences. DLN will incorporate responsible research and innovation (RRI) in its activity.

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