Global Water Footprint Training Course

26-30 May in Amsterdam
Global Water Footprint Training CourseMethodology to practical and policy applications
28-30 May 2018, Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Are you interested in learning how to assess your dependency to water, vulnerability of your company, suppliers, products and clients to global water problems, weather extremes and climate change? Then, this training course is for you. Join us between 28-30 May 2018 in Amsterdam to our flagship 3-day water footprint course. We will dive in how water footprint is used as an instrument in research, practice and in policy formulation.

Our training’s central focus is on methodological and practical aspects of water footprint research and applications. You will gain experience in using water footprint in a range of applications, from calculating the water footprint of agriculture, industry or domestic water use at all scales, to assessing its sustainability, and using these results to identify the priority strategic actions for companies, governments, non-profit organisations and individuals.

You might be familiar with water footprint but this course will take you to the next step showing how to use it in your daily work focus such as:
  • water use and pollution in production; mapping water dependencies of raw materials, suppliers, operations and assessing their vulnerabilities to current and water issues and to climate change. Relevant KPIs, standards and indicators to measure water sustainability along the supply-chain;
  • water use and allocation in river basins, food security, sustainable production and consumption, water-energy nexus, water productivity, water efficiency;
  • agricultural policies, climate adaptation, supply chain management, trade.

This course is valuable for everyone involved in water and environmental resources management. Taught in an interactive way, there will be plenty of opportunity for discussion and personalised attention. This is also an excellent opportunity to develop your contacts and networks.

The course is delivered by one of the top global experts of water footprint, Dr. Ertug Ercin from R2Water, and Xander de Bruine from Water Footprint Network. As a pioneer in development of water strategies for businesses and governments using water footprint, the trainers worked with multinationals such as Heineken, Unilever, Coca-Cola, C&A and intra-governmental agencies like IFC, the World Bank, FAO, UN, EC towards sustainable and efficient water use in industry and agriculture.

Course fee:
895 Euros excl. 21% VAT

Registration and inquires:
Please send an email to Xander de Bruine, for further information and registration.

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