Freja Karlsen

PhD Student. Development of fish feed from protein-rich by-products. Thesis available...
PhD Candidate
SUREAQUA Partner: DTU Aqua, Denmark
Theme 1.1: Feed resources

In July 2018, I obtained a Master’s degree in chemistry as principal subject and biology as subsidiary subject from Aarhus University. My competencies within these fields include: 1) synthesis of organic compounds, 2) experience with several analytical techniques and 3) a comprehensive knowledge of the most common techniques employed in microbiology and molecular biology.

In August 2019, I commenced my PhD program at the National Institute of Aquatic Resources at the Technical University of Denmark (DTU). The overall goal of my PhD project is to develop a sustainable product for fish-feed from brewers' spent grain (BSG); a protein-and fiber rich by-product generated from the beer-brewing process. By applying a combination of chemical and biological treatments, we aim to transform BSG into a high-value product that meets the nutritional requirements of fish.

Evaluation of chemical and biological refinement strategies for transforming brewer’s spent grain into a high-quality protein source for fish feed 
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